Healthy Foods for Children and Teens

Healthy Foods for Children and Teens

Getting children and teens to eat healthily isn’t always easy especially if you have picky eaters. Your busy schedule and the number of fast food restaurants around make it an uphill battle. Establishing healthy habits for kids will have a significant impact on your child’s health. It will stabilize their mood, sharpen their brain, and keep them focused in school. Eating nutritious meals will help children maintain a healthy weight and avoid potential health problems. It will also support their development and growth into adulthood.

Encourage Healthy Eating Habits Early On
Children aren’t born with a craving for candy or French fries and a disgust for vegetables. This happens over time as kids and teens are exposed to unhealthy options including fast food. Introducing wholesome options during the time your baby starts eating solid foods is critical. You may have to get creative when making nutritious meals appealing. Most pediatrician in Lubbock recommend you keep their intake of processed foods to a minimum.

How To Incorporate Healthier Foods at Mealtime
There are countless ways to disguise the taste of healthy foods. For snacks, use peanut butter or sugar-free caramel sauce as a dip. Bland carrots can be mixed in with mashed potatoes or dipped in ranch dressing. When making a beef stew or chicken soup, double the number of boiled vegetables. Limit your trips to restaurants and fast food joints and cook more meals at home. While restaurants have healthy options these days, there may still contain hidden saturated fats and added sugar. Most kids love to cook and experiment in the kitchen. By teaching them how to read labels, follow directions, and use a variety of organic vegetables, they will likely look forward to eating their creation. Always keep nutritious food available for snacks including vegetables, fruit, and healthy beverages. If you must have a pantry of chips, cookies, or soda, keep them out of easy reach. Here are some examples of healthy foods you can incorporate at mealtime.

Greek yogurt
Enriched cereals
Whole-wheat toast
Berry or banana smoothie

Hard boiled eggs
Peanut butter and celery stalks
Frozen fruit kabobs
Mini organic carrots

Turkey wraps
Hummus and pita bread
Chicken quesadilla

Grass-fed beef
Baked or grilled chicken
Organic bell peppers
Baked zucchini fries
Corn on the cob
Sweet potato

Don’t force your child to eat new food, offer it when they’re hungry. Limit snacks and beverages close to dinner to avoid filling up. Make fruits and vegetables look more enticing and appealing by cutting them into unusual shapes and creating artwork with your food.

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