If Your Child Has Allergies, Seek Treatment Right Away

If your child suffers from allergies, the symptoms of the condition could cause your child serious distress. Not only that, but certain types of allergies can pose a very real threat to one’s health. Luckily, an allergist can help. Here’s what you need to know about finding an allergist and why you should get the help of one:

Finding An Allergist Is Essential For Your Child’s Health

Allergies can be dangerous, and they are even life threatening for some children. The right allergist may even be able to provide a series of shots that could reduce the severity of your child’s allergies. In addition, they will be able to perform tests that will determine the precise extent and severity of the allergies that your child suffers from. This will allow you to determine what types of exposures could be dangerous, and allergy tests may allow you to discover allergies that you didn’t know your child had. There are both blood and skin tests available.

What Can Cause An Allergic Reaction To Be Dangerous?

While it is rare for airborne allergens to be physically dangerous, food allergies have the potential to be extremely serious. These severe reactions produce a state that is called anaphylactic shock.
Here’s what can happen:

Food allergies can lead to severe swelling in the throat, and this can prevent breathing.
Allergic reactions to foods can happen and progress quickly, and this can make them difficult to stop.
The amount of the allergen that will trigger a reaction can be extremely small for some people, and this can make it difficult to avoid the allergen effectively.
In addition, a severe allergic reaction may lead to a major asthma attack.

What Can Allergists Do To Prevent Anaphylaxis?

If your child may be prone to a serious allergic reaction, a physician will be able to prescribe a medication called epinephrine for emergency use. This medication quickly opens up the airways and reduces swelling, and it’s administered to patients who are admitted to the hospital with anaphylactic shock.

What Should You Look For When You’re Choosing An Allergist?

Always make sure that you find an allergist that has plenty of experience, and look at their online reviews carefully. If you’re looking for a pediatrician in Lubbock who can treat your child’s allergies, consider Dr. Alami. You can visit the practice’s website here.

Can An Allergy Doctor For Kids Cure Your Child’s Allergies Completely?

In general, the answer is no, but certain allergies are much more treatable with child allergy treatments than others. However, there are times when allergy shots are so effective that they effectively prevent symptoms from recurring. Allergy shots (immunotherapy injections) produce a reduction in symptoms for 80 to 90 percent of children, and it usually takes 12 to 18 months for the effects of the therapy to become apparent.

How Can Asthma Affect Your Child’s Life And What Can Doctors Do About It?

Asthma is often related to allergies, and it’s caused by a tightening of the airways. This tightening occurs within the lungs themselves, and it could make it difficult for your child to breathe. Asthma can be especially serious when your child is physically active, and this can make it difficult for him or her to participate in physical education classes and limit playtime with friends.

In some cases, an asthma attack can become life-threatening. Luckily, doctors are able to prescribe inhalers that will reduce the symptoms. In addition to inhalers, there are other types of asthma treatment that can be used:

Steroid Medications Can Be Used For Severe Asthma

There are a variety of steroidal medications for asthma, and these are some examples of them:

Flovent/Other Inhaled Corticosteroids: Flovent is an inhaled medication that allergists and general physicians can prescribe for children who are suffering from a temporary asthma flare-up. Often, the medication is used following a serious cold or flu.

Prednisone: Prednisone is a strong steroid medication that is taken orally. While it is not typically administered for long periods of time in children who have asthma, it can be highly effective for brief periods of time when asthma is at its worst, such as following a cold or flu.

Combination Medications: Some inhaled corticosteroids contain multiple medications, and this can boost the drug’s effectiveness. These medications also are typically given for brief periods of time as well.
Non-Steroidal Medications Can Be Used

There also are anti-inflammatory drugs that are non-steroidal, and some of these drugs are highly effective as well.

Here are some examples of them:

Singulair: The medication is given orally, and it doesn’t contain steroid drugs. This means that it is safe for long-term use.

Anticholergenics: There are a variety of anticholergenic drugs on the market, and some of them are available over the counter. One example of such a drug is Benadryl (diphenhydramine). These medications work by lowering the amount of histamine in your system, and this can reduce the symptoms of your child’s asthma and prevent attacks.

Immunomodulators: These medications are designed to ensure that your child’s immune system functions properly, and this can reduce the chances of an allergic response that results in an asthma attack. There are a variety of these medications on the market.

Can A General Physician Treat Allergies And Asthma In Children?

General physicians can treat allergies and asthma, but they do not have anywhere near the experience with these issues as allergists. Although, they are able to provide all of the same medications that an allergist can.

What Makes Children More Likely To Develop Allergies?

There are a variety of factors that can make children more prone to allergies, and one of the most important ones is whether or not there is a family history of allergies. In addition, being exposed to certain environmental triggers may make your child more likely to develop allergies, but more research in this area is necessary. If your child is prone to allergies, they may be more likely to develop additional sensitivities in the future, and an allergist will be able to help you to take steps to reduce the chances of this occurring.

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