Pediatric Chronic Conditions

Are you in search of a suitable pediatrician in Lubbock? Visiting the best pediatrician near you, such as Dr. Alami’s Kids, might be the best solution. Nowadays, children are often vulnerable to short-term illnesses requiring the attention of a pediatrician, which is why, one can’t risk not having a child doctor for chronic conditions. Some diseases include but are not limited to: ear infections, upper respiratory tract infections, gastrointestinal illness with diarrhea and vomiting, and injury-related problems. In addition, children can develop chronic diseases due to environmental factors, genetic conditions or both. In such cases, like the previously mentioned, the help of a pediatrician is highly advisable.

At Dr. Alami’s Kids, you can get a child doctor for chronic conditions or regular checkup. We carefully select all our pediatricians to ensure we have hired the best professionals for our customers. Some of the common chronic kid diseases we can treat include:

Diabetes –diabetes (type 1 or type 2) is common in kids today. It increases the risks of conditions like blood vessel and heart diseases, diabetes-related complications and stroke.

Asthma – most children have asthma and the problem keeps increasing each year. By getting appropriate treatment for asthma, you will reduce the need for emergency treatment, as well as minimize the chance of hospitalization and death caused by asthma.

Obesity and overweight –one of the main problems our children are facing today is obesity. More kids are obese, overweight or moderately obese than ever before. Most of these children who become obese at a young age end up maintaining the obesity as they enter adulthood, leading to obesity-related complications like high cholesterol, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, heart diseases, sleep-disordered breathing and some types of cancer.

Cystic fibrosis— is a commonly inherited lung disease with no cure. With early diagnosis, kids can get the required treatment for cystic fibrosis and start managing the condition earlier to avoid severe complications as they grow older.

Malnutrition— due to poor nutrition, children get conditions like weak immune system function, anemia and susceptibility to illnesses and intellectual development issues.

Cerebral palsy– with an increasing amount of children suffering from cerebral palsy, getting appropriate treatment to avoid negative development of the illness is vital for the children’s physical movement, muscle coordination and posture.

Mental illnesses –early diagnosis and treatment, can decrease the development effects of psychological problems in your child.

Some of the consequences of prematurity and low birth weight include developmental delays, chronic lung disease and retinopathy of prematurity (eye disorder causing blindness or low vision.

Visiting a kids doctor in Lubbock from Dr. Alami’s Kids, will be easier for you, as a parent, to manage and care for. Prevention tips our doctors offer to parents include; encouraging healthy eating habits at an early age, ensuring comprehensive prenatal health care and nutrition, and ensuring your child gets medical care if a chronic disease is diagnosed to lessen effects of the condition on a child and the family. We also encourage parents to incorporate physical activity into the daily life of the child from a young age to keep conditions related to weight and obesity at bay.

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