We want to make sure your child receives the best care possible. We have provided a small collection of common questions, but feel free to call, come by, or email us with any questions or suggestions.

• What is HIPAA Regulation & your privacy policy?

All your information is protected by law; we are limited in the information that we discuss or release about you. We must have your signed consent.
We are a paperless office, and all your information is computerized. We are a HIPPA Compliant office.

•  Do you take all insurances?

No. Please call our office to find out if we accept your insurance.

• Do you give a discount if your office doesn’t take our insurance?

A 20% cash discount is given for payment made in full at the time of service. No discounts are given if you need to set up a monthly payment plan.

•  Do you give discount if we file our own insurance?

A 20% cash discount is given for payment made in full at the time of service.

• Can you waive the co-pay?

No. It is considered illegal & a violation of Federal Anti-Kick Back Statue.

• Why do we get a monthly statement from your office?

Because you are responsible for your co-pay, deductible, co-insurance according to your individual insurance plan.

• Who is responsible for the office visit payment when parents are divorced?

Who ever brings the child for the service needs to be prepared to pay for the services rendered. The divorce decree is between the divorced parties and not the doctor’s office.

•  Am I billed for office supplies, treatments? Pulse Ox? etc.

Yes, if your insurance doesn’t pay for it. You are responsible.

• Does your office charge for filling out forms, school physicals, insurance forms, case management forms, disability forms, calling in medications, etc?

Yes, any thing that requires physician’s office time & work will be charged a nominal fee.

• When is the next schedule immunization?

Please see the schedule in the office book.

• Does your office give FLU shots?

Yes, but we don’t bill your insurance. We provide on a cash basis only.

• I’m new patient to your office, what do I need to do?

Call our office to send you the information required or Download the forms from the web site.

• What happens if you can’t verify my health plan ?

Insurance verification is time consuming, you have to sign a waiver that you understand, that you are responsible to pay if your insurance doesn’t pay. Always notify us of any changes in your insurance plan, co-pay, address, phone number.

• What hospitals do you use?

University medical center (children hospital) also Covenant children hospital.

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