Child Physicals in Lubbock

Children and In-Depth Physical Examinations

Physical examinations are essential for people of all age groups. Children definitely aren’t an exception to this rule. Children require comprehensive physical exams in many different stages of life. They often require them for enrollment at brand new schools. They frequently require them to participate in recreational activities such as sports as well. It doesn’t matter if a youngster is an infant, a toddler, a teenager or anywhere in between. Physical examinations and thorough health evaluations, in general, are occasionally necessary. If you’re on the lookout for a kids doctor near you who specializes in high-quality physicals, then you’re fully in luck. Dr. Alami’s Kids is the name of a local clinic that specializes in pediatric care. We’re located in Medical Gardens Plaza in the heart of Lubbock, Texas.

All About Dr. Bachar A. Al-Alami

If you need a pediatrician in Lubbock who is experienced, kind, compassionate and devoted, no one can top Dr. Bachar A. Al-Alami, period. He conducts physicals for children in Lubbock on a routine basis. If you’re interested in sports physicals for kids, he can accommodate you. Dr. Alami is an alumnus of Cali, Colombia’s Universidad Libre Seccional Cali. He’s worked for the Methodist Medical Group, the Methodist Children’s Hospital and a private clinic that’s fully independent. He’s served as a volunteer physician with the Sick Children’s Clinic in Lubbock. He’s been a Board Member for the Lubbock County’s Children’s Protective Services and is now the Director of the Muscular Dystrophy Association of West Texas as well. Needless to say, he’s a pediatrician in Lubbock who genuinely cares about the community and about his patients.

A Caring and Attentive Team

If you’re looking for physicals for children in Lubbock, no doctor compares to the expertise of Dr. Alami. No staff can hold a candle to his, either. The team members who represent Dr. Alami’s Kids are knowledgeable, genial, patient, welcoming and detail-oriented. They do everything they can to ensure that patients all have smooth, comfortable and stress-free experiences. If you’re in search of sports physicals for kids, Dr. Alami’s staff will make the process easy as pie for you. They’ll make it simple and pleasant for your child, too. Parents who have any questions that pertain to physicals and how they work, can always reach out to the impressive team at Dr. Alami’s Kids. This is a Lubbock pediatric care center that strives constantly to give patients and their parents full satisfaction and ease of mind.

We’re a pediatric care center that can manage all types of medical care requirements for youngsters. We work with little infants and people who are 18 years old, too. Reach out to our clinic as soon as possible to request an appointment!

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