Preventive Care for Children

An integral part of parenting is providing health care for children, not only when they are sick, but also when they are well. Preventative care is one of the primary ways parents can ensure their children are developing normally and are able to avoid common diseases. A kids doctor in Lubbock will advise you on preventive services that can help you safeguard your children’s health as they grow.

What Constitutes Preventive Care?

Preventive care for kids is required to be covered under most health insurance policies. This usually includes wellness visits, standard immunizations, screenings for blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, obesity and depression, as well as screenings for vision, hearing, and autism. During routine visits, your pediatrician in Lubbock will monitor your child’s height, weight and behavior, to determine if he or she complies with standards of normal development. If you have concerns about your child’s health, behavior or development, you will be able to discuss them with a kids doctor near you during your covered visits.

When Preventative Care Turns Into Treatment

Health insurance is required to cover a variety of preventative care services for children. However, once the care changes into treatment of a suspected illness, the coverage availability can change quickly. If a suspected condition requires additional testing, these tests may only be partially covered. A child doctor in Lubbock will provide detailed information for you to bring to your health insurance provider and will work with you on finding the most cost-effective way to provide appropriate care for your youngsters.

Some Rules Apply to Coverage for Preventive Care for Kids

The requirement for health insurance companies to cover preventative care for children and others, applies to employer and independent health insurance policies that have been created after March 23, 2010. If you have a health insurance plan that has been in effect before that date, it may be “grandfathered” out of the requirement, and preventative care may not be covered. Your health insurance plan may also restrict you to a list of network providers, including a kids doctor in Lubbock, to receive coverage for these services. If you see physicians outside of the network, you may be required to pay a fee. In addition, some services may be included in the office visit, but others may not. You may be billed separately for a service. It is always a good idea to ask the child doctor in Lubbock, at the time the medical service is provided, whether it is covered as part of the wellness visit or is a separate service.

A pediatrician in Lubbock can act as your partner in safeguarding your child’s health, with routine wellness visits and screenings for health problems. Take advantage of the coverage that can ensure your children’s health and happiness, a strategy allows them to take advantage of the many opportunities to learn and grow. A kids doctor near you will help you fulfill this important part of the parenting tasks.

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