Immunizations for Children

Babies are born with some antibodies that they get from their mother, but this protection is only temporary. You’ll need to schedule regular visits with a pediatrician near you so your child can get the appropriate vaccinations for their age. Getting child immunizations in Lubbock creates immunity to common diseases. Our pediatrician in Lubbock can give you more information, but here is some necessary information about vaccines that you’ll find useful on your parenting journey.

Types of Vaccines:

All vaccines don’t work the same way. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that children get combination vaccines when possible to reduce how many injections your child receives and fewer appointments with your pediatrician in Lubbock. The first type is attenuated or a weakened live virus, which shouldn’t be administered to anyone with a weakened immune system because there is a small amount of the virus in the injection. Two common live viruses are the MMR and chickenpox vaccine. Killed or inactive viruses don’t contain a live virus, but the body recognizes it and produces antibodies. Polio and hepatitis A are inactive viruses. Some vaccines need multiple doses for the body to create immunity against the disease.

A toxoid is an immunization with a weakened toxin that doesn’t cause the disease but triggers the body to create antibodies. Tetanus and diphtheria vaccinations are toxoids. Conjugate vaccines exist because vaccines made with only polysaccharides aren’t effective in very young children. The polysaccharide combines with a protein to be a carrier for the disease to trigger the immune system to recognize it. Hib or Haemophilus influenzae type b is a conjugate vaccine.


The risks of getting sick from vaccination are significantly less than getting the illness. Mild reactions such as soreness at the site of the injection, a mild fever for the day, or a headache can be present in some individuals. The reactions are mild and not a reason to avoid to get flu shots for kids.

Vaccine concerns

Parents should ask where to get flu shots for kids because child immunizations in Lubbock are safe and necessary. Vaccines are safe and pure. The injection is minimal compared to the thousands of bacteria your baby’s body fights off daily. The idea that vaccines cause autism is a myth, and should never be a reason not to ask yourself “where do I get immunization shots near me?” Flu shots in Lubbock, along with other vaccinations, keep your child protected and safe.

Head out and get your flu shots in Lubbock or ask where you can find immunization shots near you. The benefits of being fully immunized significantly outweigh the risks. It is our duty to keep your child healthy and strong.

You might also think that spacing out the vaccinations is a safer idea, but our pediatrician near you will think otherwise. There are no proven benefits for spreading them out, and if the body needs multiple doses to produce antibodies, there’s a risk of not finishing the series.

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