Different Screen Tests for Children Ages 2- 12

Different Screen Tests for Children Ages 2- 12

If you’re a parent and you’re searching for a pediatrician in Lubbock, Texas for your children, then we’re here to help. We understand it’s hard to find a great doctor to do health screenings in Lubbock, and we can assure you we have the experience to ensure the health and well-being of your kids.

In addition to well-child checkups, we do health screenings for children. A health screening is a way to determine if there are any underlying diseases or issues that could cause them to get ill later in life. Many children don’t show any signs of disease until early adulthood when it’s harder to control. We also provide newborn health screenings in Lubbock for early disease detection.

There are a variety of children’s health screenings that we offer for the long-term health of children aged 2-12. We screen for the following common health issues:

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Lead Poisoning

Diabetes Screening
Whether there’s a history of diabetes or not, screening for diabetes is essential for the health of your child. Early detection of diabetes is helpful and can be controlled by diet and exercise in many cases. Children who are overweight have a greater chance of getting diabetes, so it’s important to screen them for diabetes as soon as possible.

Obesity Screening
There are many factors that can lead to obesity such as inactivity, poor diet, genetics or an underlying cause. Screening children for obesity can help stop problems like sleep apnea, heart disease or diabetes later in life. We can help your child by working with a nutritionist to make lifestyle changes to help them maintain a healthy weight.

High Blood Pressure Screening
The importance of monitoring a child’s blood pressure can’t be underestimated. By working to keep your child’s blood pressure healthy in their early years, you’ll help them become healthy adults and prevent the likelihood of heart disease.

Lead Poisoning Screening
If a child has high levels of lead in their system, it can cause a variety of debilitating illnesses and cognitive problems. Even if you don’t think your child has been exposed to lead, it’s important to have them tested. High levels of lead have been found in house paint, schools and even on playgrounds.

At Dr. Alami’s Kids, we take pride in offering compassionate care for all of your children. Whether it’s a blood test, diabetes screening or nutrition consultation, we provide outstanding medical services to support your child’s healthy lifestyle.

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