Is Your Child Sick? 5 Ways to Keep Them Comfy

Is Your Child Sick? 5 Ways to Keep Them Comfy

Sick children are a serious matter. Not only are they more susceptible to falling lethally ill, but they don’t always have the language needed to express their discomfort in detail. Besides needing a pediatrician in Lubbock, there are a few ways you can help your sick child feel better. The goal is to keep them comfortable. Here are five ways to do just that.

1. Help Them Get Plenty of Rest
Like any illness, the best way to beat it is to sleep it off. You’ll want to help them get rest as much as possible. Sometimes this might mean giving them medicine during pediatric sick visits in Lubbock. The pediatrician can ensure that you’re giving them the right dosage. The medicine will not only help with their symptoms but also help them sleep.

2. Stay Hydrated
Another way to help fight off illness is to keep them hydrated. They likely won’t drink of their own will. When the pediatrician comes for child sick visits in Lubbock, they can help understand how much water you should be giving them a day. It might also be a good idea to offer them water packed full of electrolytes. These will continue to boost their hydration. Popsicles are also a good way to help ease sore throats.

3. Take Care of Stuffy Noses Safely
You may think that you can just give your child decongestants, but they actually aren’t suggested for use for children younger than four years old. Instead, you can try rubs, saline nose sprays as well as drops, or by using a suction bulb to help suck out the crud. They’ll likely hate it, but they’ll be able to breathe.

Having a humidifier in the room can also help with their congestion.

4. Cuddle
Even if they’re burning up, children often find cuddling and touching their parent to be calming. Their body is essentially under attack. They may not understand what is wrong with them. Your physical presence can calm them a great deal and keep them comfortable. By staying calm, they’re more likely to become healthier faster. Stress and anxiety can make the problem worse.

5. Distractions
Besides looking for pediatric sick visits for kids, you’ll want to distract your child. To keep your child from becoming too miserable, play with them. Having them use their imagination and creativity can keep them distracted from their miserable state of sickness.

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