Vaccines You May Need Before Visiting a Newborn

Vaccines You May Need Before Visiting a Newborn

The birth of a new baby is an exciting time for family and friends. When you visit a newborn, make sure that you and your family are up to date on these vaccinations to keep them protected from harmful diseases and ultimately, put the parents at ease.

  1. Varicella: you probably know varicella as Chicken Pox. While it’s commonly thought of as a simple childhood disease, it can have serious complications. Even if you’ve already had it, you still may be capable of spreading the disease. Infants won’t receive their vaccine until they’re a year old, so they rely on the immunity of those around them for protection.
  2. Measles, Mumps, Rubella: measles cases have recently spiked, so don’t rely on everyone else to be up to date; make sure you’re up to date before visiting a newborn. They won’t receive their MMR vaccination until they’re a year old. Like chicken pox, these diseases can have serious complications.
  3. Influenza: infants are especially vulnerable to complications from this virus and won’t receive their first vaccine until they are six months old. Most adults won’t get a flu shot, so it’s a good idea to protect yourself, too.
  4. Tdap: The Tdap vaccine is actually three vaccines in one. It protects from tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis (or whooping cough). Whooping cough has especially dangerous complications for newborns and can even be fatal. This vaccine needs to be updated every ten years, and it’s a good idea to keep your tetanus protection up to date even if you aren’t visiting a newborn.
  5. Meningococcal: college students aren’t the only people at high risk for bacterial meningitis, even though they are often encouraged or required to get the vaccine before enrolling. Newborns are especially vulnerable to the disease. However, the first dose isn’t recommended until a child is eleven years old. You can protect the children in your family and community by making sure that you’re vaccinated.

Don’t just vaccinate yourself; make sure your children and other family members are vaccinated, too! There are many providers for child immunizations in Lubbock, including your child’s pediatrician. Dr. Alami has been a pediatrician in Lubbock since 1992. Contact Dr. Alami’s Kids to get more information!

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