What Causes Fever In Babies?

What Causes Fever In Babies?

Fevers are a topic that is often discussed in preventive care for kids. Many people have taken their baby to our kids doctor in Lubbock when facing an unexpected fever. A fever is not a sickness, but it is usually a sign that the body is fighting an illness. It is also a sign that the immune system is working.

Most babies get a fever as the result of a viral infection or cold. Ear infection, pneumonia and urinary tract infection are some of the signs of an infection. A reaction to a vaccination and being overheated can also make a baby develop a fever.

Signs of a Fever
A warm forehead is a common sign of a fever. A baby who has a fever may also be fussy and cranky. Poor eating, poor sleeping, seizures and convulsions are also signs of a fever.

Taking a Baby’s Temperature
Our pediatrician in Lubbock will recommend that you take your child’s temperature with a digital thermometer. You can take your child’s temperature under their arm, mouth or rectally. The rectal temperature is usually the easiest to take. It is also the most accurate.

Make sure that the thermometer is clean. You should also put some petroleum jelly or vaseline at the end of the thermometer. Place the thermometer about one inch into the rectal opening. Hold the thermometer here until you hear a beep.

A baby’s temperature normally ranges from 97 to 100.3. A fever is anything above 100.4.

When to get Health Care for Babies in Lubbock
You should see a doctor if your baby is under the age of three months and has a fever. This is considered an emergency. You should also take your baby to the doctor if they are lethargic, cranky or have a rash. Additionally, if your baby is dehydrated or has a seizure, then they should be seen by a doctor.

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